Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote in rncnotwelcome,

Bloomie Buttons

So, has anyone actually seen people wearing those stupid buttons Bloomberg was going to pass out to "peaceful protesters"? I haven't, but maybe it's just because I don't go to Applebee's. (It wasn't a great restaurant, but I was sad to see the For Goodness Steak on Flatbush Ave replaced by one of those "corporate-chain-neighborhood restaurants."
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Deleted comment

UPJ gave me one free when I went over there last week. Hee - I'm keeping it as a collectors item. Bloomberg pretty much assured that he would not be serving another term.

Last night he was all over the news saying how much money NYC whould be getting from the RNC, meanwhile the same news programs are reporting that we will lose $45 mill. What an asshole.
Yeah, not to mention how he's talking up their support of the city after 9/11 when not too long ago he cancelled a dinner for Repugnant legislators over yet another attempt to take money away from New York. And they kept up with comments like that as late as last week.
I know! I was relatively happy with him at first, but this toadying to the Repugnants has finished him in my book. It's so pathetic; he's like the little kid tagging along after the gang, even though they beat him up and spit on them. You just want someone to come along and tell him, "It's OK to be a smart kid. Don't act like them: they're worthless."

Deleted comment

I have to laugh; it's the only way to stay sane. I also think that ridicule is often the most effective form of protest.

Great photos, btw. I had not seen the "Iraq is Arabic for Viet Nam" shirt before. I also liked "George Bush: Al Qaeda recruiter of the year" although it's pretty frightening. I also got a kick out of how in successive photos, you kept accumulating more and more buttons.

BTW, I friended you. Good stuff.
I haven't seen a single one.