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The Republicans Are Coming

and they are NOT welcome here

RNC Not Welcome in NYC
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The Republicans are coming. The Republican National Convention is happening in New York from August 29th until September 2nd. The Bush administration wants to further exploit the tragedy of September 11th to help them "win" another four years in office, four more years of illegal wars, international aggression, erosion of civil liberties, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and abuse of the environment. This community is for all of us in New York who DO NOT WANT them here. There are many organizations and individuals in New York who are preparing to protest the RNC. This is a place to share information, discuss ideas, and provide support for everyone who is involved or is planning to be involved in letting the Republicans know that they are not welcome on our streets.

This community is not affiliated with the RNCNOTWELCOME collective, located at www.rncnotwelcome.org, however they are a great organization and an amazing resource, so check out their webpage.