Poor Ugly Happy (chrissie) wrote in rncnotwelcome,
Poor Ugly Happy

Important Question.

The convention and subsequent protests weren't all fun and games for me. I spent a lot of time this week while marching, while rallying, while protesting, in serious meditation of the state of affairs of the nation and the world.

A lot of issues were brought to light that I wasn't aware of, from the injustices of this administrations to the injustices around the world.

The question now is... do we just go back to "business as usual" or do we continue to educate ourselves and actually do. We would be doing ourselves and all of the work that we've done this week a serious disservice if all this week was for us were a serious of protests and parties and hur hur hur now i'm going back to my life. It's doing a disservice and feeding to the propaganda about protesters.

We need to be more than just protesters. We need to be activists. Change is possible, but we need to not only voice our opinions on it, but we need to work toward our goals.

The people united will never be defeated.

Did we unite this week, or did we just hang out of a week to now go on our separate ways?

I know what my choice is.
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