toto (dykefromhell) wrote in rncnotwelcome,

2nd Post

I'm a newbie and even though the RNC is over I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in any of the various events
I hope that nothing that happened all week will stop anyone from standing up for whats right
and I hope the 1000 or so protester arrested keep there heads up and keep doing whats right
in a peaceful way
on that note
A31 was awesome the people were heard
I hope no one was hurt
I still havent got in touch with any of my friends that I was arrested with
I believe they're out but havent gotten there phones back
but I wish good things for everyone that went out there
ohh and if anyone was sent to pier 57 please dont wash your clothes there is a class action law suit happeneing sometime in the future and they need your clothes
the national lawyers guild should have more info on where to take your things
NLG @ 212-679-6018
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