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Peacful Protesters take a stand

Yeah so tuesday was A31 and a bunch of my friends and I were protesting in a street dance sorta style up from union square
and when we reached 16st and irving swat police were there but we kept dancing and some of us blocked up and when the cops told us to disperse we left only to find swat at the other end of the block preventing us from leaving
so they bought there nets out and cornered us all into a really tight little circle and snatched us up one by one
we were told we were all under arrest including a news reporter who happened to be pepper sprayed,3 lawyers who were watching our backs and a polish woman who didn't speak any english who just walked out of her building into our crowd of dancers and marching bands
instruments were also thrown and broken
we were put on city buses and sent to pier 57 where our human rights were violated and alot of people got sick
the conditions at pier 57 are that of third world
I was in a 15x13 cell with a 100 or so woman
where I had to walk around for about an hour to find a place on the ground that was covered in diesel and other chemicals as well dirt
I got a rash and my nasal passages were burning
I stayed at pier 57 for about 18 hours and from there I was sent to central bookin aka the toombs and spent 25 more hours being sent from cell to cell and not being allowed to speak to a lawyer
I was arrested 7:30 tuesday night and I wasn't able to make my first phone call until 10 pm wendsday night
I was lied and told that I couldn't have my arrest number by a group of police and corrections officers and when I finally talked to a lawyer I found out that it was my right to have my arrest number and that they were violating me
so I told the officers that they were violating my rights and they brushed me off until I threatened to take them to court when I get out I then recieved my arrest number and everyone in my cell recieved theres
I was in the system for about 43-45hours where my health and rights were screwed with
I forgot to mention that 1000's of people took to the streets tuesday and wendsday night and were arrested
and everyday this week some people have succesfully got into the convention and caused a little mayhem
Bush's speech was interupted 3 times yesterday by a few people and I thought that was awesome
on wendsday a bus of delegates were 3 hours late to the rnc because protesters layed down in front of the busses and when there were arrested more protesters took to the streets an continued to lay down in front of the delagates bus
I thought that was pretty awesome when I heard about it
but yeah thats my weekend in error filled quicky
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