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Still not arrested!

That's saying a lot in some ways, considering how many people are being arrested without warning, some not even taking part in actions (including press and legal observers who report they're actually being targe ted by police.)

Yesterday I met up with idlerat, mulberry_fields, and lolaraincoat - sorry, i never remember how to create links with LJ user names - for the Still We Rise march at Union Square. It was another lively contingent with lots of folks of color, and people of all ages, about 3,000 strong. The march was halted several times because there were people on the sidewalk and the police were not allowing that. There were a small number of arrests when people tried to leave the march towards the end by seperating the barricades to get to the sidewalk. I stepped off before we got to MSG, went through a slightly open barricade and was totally ignored. I ran into a co-worker handing out water and that was a treat.

Afterwards I went by myself to the March for Our Lives by the U.N. Lots of workers, immigrants, youth, elders, queer folks, and poor folks. Earl Ray performed at the rally. I couldn't hear most of the speakers because I was trying to stay out of the ring of police. The rally was permitted, but the march was not and I didn't want to risk getting arrested. I sat on a granite terrace across the street where I had a great view. There were lots of great children around me, playing games while their parents watched & listened. Billionaires for Bush are the best! They had the most hilarious chants and signs. My favorite sign (as a youth worker) was "Hire a Child!" held by a woman in a black evening gown and pearls. In the end they were granted the right to march. I left before they did, but heard that the police separated the crowd enroute and arrested several people.

Today I'll either go to the FOX News Shut-Up-A-Thon or the Man/Woman in Black Bloc

Today and tonight there's lots of civil disobedience happening around the city. Folks not intending to be arrested should be on the lookout for the neon orange netting the police are using to pen people in (in violation a recent court order, incidentally.) People are being penned in and arrested indiscriminately, so watch your front, back, and sides. Also, please look out for each other.

Good luck, all *
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