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The Republicans Are Coming
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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
11:08 am
check out this song for all those who protested & still do...

Found out about it through True Majority. It's a great video with awesome lyrics. I know a lot of us have heard it before that we are unpatriotic for dissenting. Well this song really has a powerful message about that.

Hope y'all enjoy it.
Monday, September 6th, 2004
11:01 am
If you or someone you know was arrested during the protests...
Just thought I'd pass this along.

Subject: arrestees please contact NYCLU

reply only to eactivism@nyclu.org mailto:eactivism@nyclu.org

The NYCLU (New York Civil Liberties Union) has received numerous
complaints of police misconduct during the Republican National
Convention. The complaints cover a wide array of issues: the
arrest or detainment of law-abiding protestors and bystanders,
the conditions at Pier 57, delays in processing arrests, and the
targeting of street medics, journalists, and legal observers.

The NYCLU is now gathering statements regarding incidents of
police misconduct at protests during the RNC. Issues that have
already been raised include:

- the arrest of law abiding demonstrators
- use of orange netting to conduct arrest sweeps
- use of unmarked scooters by plain-clothed officers

In addition, we are collecting statements from people held at
Pier 57 during the week of the convention. If you are able to
give a statement, please contact us as soon as possible.

The intake form is included below. It is also available on our
website and through our office. Reports should include as much
relevant detail as possible: time, location, witnesses, badge
numbers and a description of what happened.

Please indicate whether you wish your report to be kept
confidential. Please pass this information on to anyone else who
may be interested.

The information you provide will help the NYCLU and other legal
organizations document the policies and practices of the NYPD
that interfere with lawful protest, so that we can effectively
advocate for change.

Form HereCollapse )

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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
4:32 pm
Important Question.
The convention and subsequent protests weren't all fun and games for me. I spent a lot of time this week while marching, while rallying, while protesting, in serious meditation of the state of affairs of the nation and the world.

A lot of issues were brought to light that I wasn't aware of, from the injustices of this administrations to the injustices around the world.

The question now is... do we just go back to "business as usual" or do we continue to educate ourselves and actually do. We would be doing ourselves and all of the work that we've done this week a serious disservice if all this week was for us were a serious of protests and parties and hur hur hur now i'm going back to my life. It's doing a disservice and feeding to the propaganda about protesters.

We need to be more than just protesters. We need to be activists. Change is possible, but we need to not only voice our opinions on it, but we need to work toward our goals.

The people united will never be defeated.

Did we unite this week, or did we just hang out of a week to now go on our separate ways?

I know what my choice is.
4:24 pm
Just in case you haven't seen this.


So the delegates have the right to free speech but we do not.
12:16 pm
in response to dykefromhell's first post....
did the cops actually give the order to disperse?
if so, i missed that. i believe the words that came out of my mouth were, 'can i please go? i'm not even involved in this.', and there was maybe even a 'sir' in there somewhere.
i was flyering for greenpeace in the square, finished my stack, and headed down broadway to catch the subway to herald square
(where i probably would have been picked up anyways, but...)
and instead was stopped by cops who were preparing for the marching bands to start moving. a group of about ten other unrelated bystanders and i were forced down 16th, where we were forcefully blockaded in at the other end as the bands and their followers were forced down 16th as well.
not once did i hear a warning issued or an order to disperse.
i was arrested along with you at the same time, only our bus was turned away from pier 57 and sent directly to the tombs.
i was placed in zip-tie cuffs that were so tight that they cut off my circulation after 20 minutes. they were left on for another hour and a half +, before they were removed and replaced with another pair that were just as tight on my left hand.
on top of all this, the driver of our bus was not licensed to be driving a vehicle of that size, and hit three cars--two parked, one moving--on our way to the tombs.
i spent just under 24 hours in detention.
i was denied medical care for 10 hours, until somebody finally gave me an instant icepack that stayed cold for no longer than 20 minutes.
they refused to photodocument my injuries.
i pled not guilty, and am raising a medical case against the NYPD and suing the city in order to be reimbursed for my metrocard that was taken from my bag when our property was confiscated.

i wouldn't have made it through without the NLG, who obtained my and a number of other girls' arrest numbers for us, and told us exactly where we were in the process, after waiting around for about 18 clueless and uninformed hours.
also, thanks goes out to the homeopathic medics who understood that i did not want advil and an band-aid for my heavily bruised wrists, and treated me with arnica and tea-tree oil instead. if any of you have similar injuries to what i had, arnica works wonders. three days later, i have very little bruising. substantial pain, yes, but no bruises. if you're interested, ask me about it and i'll tell you what to get.
11:08 am
2nd Post
I'm a newbie and even though the RNC is over I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in any of the various events
I hope that nothing that happened all week will stop anyone from standing up for whats right
and I hope the 1000 or so protester arrested keep there heads up and keep doing whats right
in a peaceful way
on that note
A31 was awesome the people were heard
I hope no one was hurt
I still havent got in touch with any of my friends that I was arrested with
I believe they're out but havent gotten there phones back
but I wish good things for everyone that went out there
ohh and if anyone was sent to pier 57 please dont wash your clothes there is a class action law suit happeneing sometime in the future and they need your clothes
the national lawyers guild should have more info on where to take your things
NLG @ 212-679-6018
11:06 am
Peacful Protesters take a stand
Yeah so tuesday was A31 and a bunch of my friends and I were protesting in a street dance sorta style up from union square
and when we reached 16st and irving swat police were there but we kept dancing and some of us blocked up and when the cops told us to disperse we left only to find swat at the other end of the block preventing us from leaving
so they bought there nets out and cornered us all into a really tight little circle and snatched us up one by one
we were told we were all under arrest including a news reporter who happened to be pepper sprayed,3 lawyers who were watching our backs and a polish woman who didn't speak any english who just walked out of her building into our crowd of dancers and marching bands
instruments were also thrown and broken
we were put on city buses and sent to pier 57 where our human rights were violated and alot of people got sick
the conditions at pier 57 are that of third world
I was in a 15x13 cell with a 100 or so woman
where I had to walk around for about an hour to find a place on the ground that was covered in diesel and other chemicals as well dirt
I got a rash and my nasal passages were burning
I stayed at pier 57 for about 18 hours and from there I was sent to central bookin aka the toombs and spent 25 more hours being sent from cell to cell and not being allowed to speak to a lawyer
I was arrested 7:30 tuesday night and I wasn't able to make my first phone call until 10 pm wendsday night
I was lied and told that I couldn't have my arrest number by a group of police and corrections officers and when I finally talked to a lawyer I found out that it was my right to have my arrest number and that they were violating me
so I told the officers that they were violating my rights and they brushed me off until I threatened to take them to court when I get out I then recieved my arrest number and everyone in my cell recieved theres
I was in the system for about 43-45hours where my health and rights were screwed with
I forgot to mention that 1000's of people took to the streets tuesday and wendsday night and were arrested
and everyday this week some people have succesfully got into the convention and caused a little mayhem
Bush's speech was interupted 3 times yesterday by a few people and I thought that was awesome
on wendsday a bus of delegates were 3 hours late to the rnc because protesters layed down in front of the busses and when there were arrested more protesters took to the streets an continued to lay down in front of the delagates bus
I thought that was pretty awesome when I heard about it
but yeah thats my weekend in error filled quicky
Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
11:36 pm
11:16 pm
5:45 pm
7:55 am
friends in jail?
Anyone else have love ones who are still being held? My partner went down on A31 and it looks like she hasn't even been processed yet :(. It seems as some smuggled cell phones in but i haven't heard much in the last 24 hours so they may have run out of batteries or been confiscated.
Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
8:08 pm
RNC blues
OK, I realize that the delegates are targets for bad things. And in this they must be protected. I do realize that and I do understand that. But that does not stop me from being annoyed as fuck as I watch their busses roll on along their separate lanes of traffic and get waved through red lights. And really, does it actually matter if I'm standing on the curb or right in front of it on the street (mind you, not in the middle of the street, but just off the curb) when a delegate bus passes? It seems to though, since I was threatened with arrest tonight for standing on the street, two inches off the curb. Somehow I ceased to be a threat from the curb. Does anyone get that? I sure as hell don't.

It seems to me that the delegates only came to NYC so that they could have the backdrop of the WTC attacks, and so they could talk about it a lot and manipulate the deaths of thousands of people to their benefit. But they're doing their damnedest to avoid actually being in New York City and getting a real New York City experience.

So when I see the delegate busses pass now I give them the finger with a smile. Like the saying goes "Welcome to New York, now get the fuck out."
9:22 am
Fifth Columnists
Hey, is anyone keeping track of the venues that are being particularly friendly towards the Repugnant delegates? Should we remind them, after the hairdos and silly hats go back to their flat states, that we live here and spend our money here, and that we don't appreciate businesses who supported this disgusting affair?

Not that it's any great sacrifice, but after seeing today's Times, I'm resolved never to set foot in McSorley's again.
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
12:02 pm
hey folks, my name is saruh, im a 17 native new yorker. ive been protesting the last few days and have lots of pics but right now i have a question

what other protests are going on this week before the end of the convention?

also did anyone watch democracy now? people are being hauled in and thrown to the ground and arrested and hauled in by red mesh nets

we need to protest the detention of these folks.
they are being detained at w 15th streeet on the west side highway
who wants to organize?
12:36 pm
Still not arrested!
That's saying a lot in some ways, considering how many people are being arrested without warning, some not even taking part in actions (including press and legal observers who report they're actually being targe ted by police.)

I'm holding up, but my body's tired.Collapse )

Today and tonight there's lots of civil disobedience happening around the city. Folks not intending to be arrested should be on the lookout for the neon orange netting the police are using to pen people in (in violation a recent court order, incidentally.) People are being penned in and arrested indiscriminately, so watch your front, back, and sides. Also, please look out for each other.

Good luck, all *
9:13 am
Bloomie Buttons
So, has anyone actually seen people wearing those stupid buttons Bloomberg was going to pass out to "peaceful protesters"? I haven't, but maybe it's just because I don't go to Applebee's. (It wasn't a great restaurant, but I was sad to see the For Goodness Steak on Flatbush Ave replaced by one of those "corporate-chain-neighborhood restaurants."
Monday, August 30th, 2004
9:54 pm
This is not the mambo, but.....
...the GOP wants to see how low it can go:

I got this email from Kerry's campaign:

Dear Kimberly,

Tonight, Senator John McCain is set to address the Republican National Convention. Meanwhile, the man who led the charge smearing Senator McCain during the 2000 Republican presidential primary is turning his sordid political attacks against John Kerry.

This new round of attacks comes from a familiar name -- Ted Sampley -- who has a long history of irrational public attacks against both John McCain and John Kerry. In 1992 Sampley created a fake photo of John Kerry shooting an American MIA. He has been jailed for starting a fight with John McCain's staff, and has called McCain the Manchurian Candidate, accusing him of being "brainwashed by the Vietnamese" and being a "KGB spy."

Ted Sampley is now the head of "Vietnam Veterans Against Kerry" and a supporter of "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth." He has been telling lies about John Kerry, and today he launched an extraordinarily false ad smearing John Kerry's military service.

To view this ad click here:


Ted Sampley's group is also still attacking Senator McCain. To view this page click here:


For the past several days, we have asked for your contributions, now we need your action. We need your help to stop Ted Sampley and the Swift Boat Veterans for Bush's lies about John Kerry's military service.

Please take a minute and call the Bush campaign at the Republican Convention tonight. Ask George Bush to specifically condemn this ugly smear.

Call now:

(212) 356-2300 or (212) 356-2004

Thank you,

Mary Beth Cahill
Campaign Manager


We know what's at stake with this election. I wish to God Kerry's campaign would grow a pair and start fighting the batte. They campaign won't, for some reason, wage the war that needs to be raised. That's another issue so I won't get into what I think of that. So we have to.

If Karl Rove can send out his dirty minions like this Sampley shithead to trash Kerry, then we'll just have to be Kerry's minions. Not with filth. With the truth. With disgust. With a passion to set the record right.

Your mission, and no, you can't choose to accept it, you have to do it, right now: Get into every forum, every media outlet - magazines, blogs, newspapers, radio talk shows, tv shows, everything - and say "I'm tired of the filth flinging from the GOP. Let's talk issues, not Vietnam."

Gloves off, folks. This is war. Fight the filth.

Please crosspost this anywhere - email list, LJ communities, your journal, non-LJ blogs, etc. but I prefer my name - loveanddarkness be kept with it.

[crossposted to kerryedwards bush_sucks and ljdemocrats]

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
10:53 pm

Current Mood: jubilant
3:49 pm
Wellness Spaces
f you are out at an action and in need of water, friendly faces and good conversation, a break from the sun or treatment for blunt trauma, chemical decontamination, other protest-related medical care (and after care) check out one of following places. They'll be open throughout the duration of the convention, until Thursday, from 10am to 11pm and staffed by friendly and helpful folks (street medics and others).

Wellness Space @ 40th
410 W 40th between 9th and 10th

Convergence Space @ St Mark's Church
10th St and 2nd Avenue
5:48 pm
So it begins
I got back a litle while ago from the United for Peace and Justice march against the RNC. Lissette and I left the march early, soon after passing Madison Square Garden. We don't have the energy to go to Central Park tonight, though many people seem to be doing just that. I also heard on WBAI that Jesse Jackson is going to be speaking there.This was one the most inspiring marches I've ever been a part of.Collapse )

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